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BMW M4 GTS Manga

2015-12-09 154 0

More at: www.12frames.de Facebook: facebook.com/twelveframes Making Of: https://vimeo.com/155288315 For the Tokyo Motor Show in Japan I got the chance to work with the amazing team of artists at ARRI to create manga/anime sequences for BMW. Such a dream project, involving watching Akira, Ghost in the Shell and lots of Thundercats for the 2D animation effects! Loved doing oldschool analogue illustrations and using limited animation techniques on this one. Client: BMW GROUP Lead Agency: De Vries und Partners GmbH Filmagency: lucie-p GmbH Creation/Postproduktion: ARRI Creative Solutions Producing: Michel Sch├╝tz Creative Direction, Illustration, 2D Animation: Jan Sch├Ânwiesner Motion Graphics, 3D Animation and Mapping: Saladin Becker Transition Effects Animation: Fred Weinl