Dc Legends: (Game Review) Top 5 Mistakes you should avoid making as a New Player

2018-05-07 1

Dc Legends is a rising game.The fun 4v4 turn based game is quickly gaining popularity.Here i have tried to find out Top 5 common mistakes that are made by New players in this Game.Enjoy and Subscribe to my channel For more videos. :)\r
It is a fairly long video.So i have added timestamp.If you guys have any suggestion or if you guys want something to see specifically just let me know in the comment section.I would really appreciate that. :)\r
1.00 : No 1: Ranking Up random Heroes\r
3.12: No 2: Battle Essence\r
5.25: No 3: Fighting in PvP wraith arena\r
8.14: No 4: Upgrading Hero Super Power\r
9.55: No 5: Hero Fragment Availability